It is a Queer World and Becoming More So!

Woman’s sports are a casualty of gender equality. The mantra that women are equal to men has crashed into the brick wall of ontological reality. Since the WOKE believe that men and woman are equal in all areas, then a man transitioning to a woman is of no consequence because there is no difference in their abilities. But, if there is a difference, the LGBT and female communities declaring that gender is just a state of mind are facing a conundrum. Transgender athletes are crushing the sport records of biological females. The biological female athletes realize fundamental differences are pitting them against the WOKE. Sadly, this false Marxist narrative that we are all equal and the same in abilities will force biological female athletes to take a back seat to the much superior female transgenders. In terms of the human condition, this particular disconnect from reality is no big deal, but it is a warning! Too many in today’s world see a false reality that will collide with REALITY, and the carnage will be monumental. Social reality does not map directly to physical reality. As a rule disconnects between the two are normal. The problem begins when the disconnect grow such that the physical overcomes social percecptions.

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