Boycott Beijing Olympics?

Ask yourself this, what would you think of the athletes and governments attending the NAZI Olympics in 1938 had they and the world known as the fact that the Germans were rounding up Jews and homosexuals, placing them in concentration camps, and executing them by the tens of thousands? We know the CCP hid the COVID outbreak in Wuhan. We know the CCP lied to the WHO that the virus was not infectious. We know the CCP quarantined Wuhan from the rest of China while allowing planes to land and leave Wuhan from other countries. We know the CCP refuses to allow the WHO or the CDC to come to Wuhan for over 6 months. We know while the government of China hid the truth of the epidemic, Chinese loyal to China in countries around the world scooped up PPEs and medical supplies from countries around the world. We know the lies of the government of China slowed the global response to halt the spread of the epidemic before it became a pandemic. China’s lies killed millions of innocents, bankrupted national economies, and destroyed the financial lives of hundreds of millions around the world. You can reward China’s deceits by supporting the Beijing Olympics, or you can show your disgust and disappointment over China’s lies, deceptions, and bad behavior and not support the Beijing Olympics.






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