Faux Climate Change

Climate change is just a smokescreen to mask the waning of North America and Europe’s economic and military prowess. The drive to indoctrinate the youth with CRT concepts is to prep the next generation to accept their status as second class citizens as production and power flow from an aging, tired West to a part of the world full of young people and an energetic older elite that has embraced technological change and using power to achieve hegemony. If the governments in the West believed it was essential to reduce CO2 emissions, production would not be moved to Asia. Any offset in CO2 gained in the West is lost. No politician or any of the wealthy elites is that dumb! Their game keeps the bull (the masses) from noticing its nuts are being cut off. The is the reason sane leaders promote gender dysphoria, which is emasculating the West! The aim is to ensure a docile aging population assumes the position of submission. This is why Asia and Russia do not promote gender dysphoria. Russia has no intention of joining the West’s decision to emasculate itself. South America, Asia, and Africa have a growing population that will provide cheap skilled pools of labor and a population eager to dominate the West, which hasn’t the people or the will to compete or rule. New Zealand, Australia and Japan will fall into the orbits.of the rising powers.

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