Energy Rationing?

II energy rationing is proposed by the great leaders to save the planet or compensate for energy shortages Biden and Congress caused, lets make sure they are able to evade the misery. All energy consumed per person is allocated in ergs. Smartwatches can track all energy consumed daily. Allocations can be adjusted for power requires energy consumption for work, but all energy has to be monitored – no exceptions, including illegals entering the country, all government bureaucrats, and politicians.

Sounds good, yes? We all suffer together, and all the bureaucrats, members of Congress, Biden, and all the wealthy elites learn and restore energy security for us all. Sorry, this is never going to happen. No way any of the people above will suffer for their screw-ups. What they will do is to create a diversion and convince you it is just your bad luck. The mechanism will be the old standby used by Washington DC and the very rich to cover up what they messed up – inflation. The economy will be mucked up that fee will be able to afford energy. Travel will slow to a crawl. Vacations will be a shirt, and local and food that requires energy will skyrocket. And, because bureaucrats and politicians in Washington DC will have the money as always to do what the rest can not do.

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