The Law is Who is in Power!

Thank the FBI, NSA, CSA, media, Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, and most of Washington DC for four years of lying, dirty tricks, witch hunts, deceit, betrayal, and outright mutiny crippling Trump’s Presidency. Congress and every state allowed mail-in ballots to make an honest election impossible, and then the DOJ and FBI agents encouraged protest on January 6 to enter the Capital building to ensure there would be no chance to uncover the massive voter fraud putting Biden in the White House.

Now, the good news. Because the Federal government and the US military have broken their federal laws to aid and assist flooding the nation with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, employers can hire cheap labor to replace more expensive laborers. And now we all know federal and state agencies will violate their own laws. Citizens no longer need to feel guilty doing the same to benefit themselves and their families. What idiot will sign up to defend America, betray anyone for breaking the law or risk their lives because it is the right thing to do?

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