The Epic Fail of Critical Race Theory!

Critical Race Theory argues that people of color in America are victims of whites who instituted an artificial social construct of racism and the merit system to subjugate and deny the people of color the ability to climb the social-economic ladder by restricting access to higher education and positions. Unfortunately for CRT theorists, not all people of color have done poorly. Asians and Hispanic immigrants have done exceptionally well in racist America. Both groups have used the merit system to overcome racial bias and obtain high positions and incomes. Asians have done so well that institutions that have embraced CRT discriminate against them for doing well by limiting their numbers. Why have both groups done so well and have not been hampered by the white racist merit system? If it is not racial discrimination holding blacks down, the only answer that resolves this conundrum is culture. It seems the different cultures of people are not equal in facilitating adapting to changing environments. Asians have excelled because their cultures can adapt, which contradicts the core remnants of Critical Race Theory. It is time to turn our backs on a failed theory that punishes achievement based on merit and stop punishing Asians for doing well in America.

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