The American Sucker!

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Middle Class’s good life was over. The Middle Class was propped up by the wealthy elites and most of Congress to beguile the Communist nations that capitalism and democracy was the best system of all. Sadly too many within the Middle Class believed the endless propaganda that American workers made the most money, had the best working conditions, cheap and abundant energy, inexpensive food, excellent working conditions, lovely homes, and beautiful vacations, all because of capitalism and democracy that the People controlled! After the collapse of communism, money flowed like water to areas of the world where cheaper labor was to have. The great American system of equality was gutted to end the Peoples control and good life. The Middle Class were stooges used to convince the world of the glories of the American System of Goodness. Little did all the patriotic soldiers fighting for Freedom and Capitalism and Red Blooded Americans going to work every day paying their taxes and obeying the rules that as soon as Washington DC and the rich felt safe was jettisoned and it was adiós suckers, and hello profits.

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