The Ignorance of Fear Mongers?

It is painful to read and listen to many in government, universities, and NGOs demonstrate their collective ignorance of history and demography. Glacial rebound seems beyond their score of understanding,
Their ignorance of the consequences of population growth is staggering. New Orleans is below sea level because levees and drainage systems caused the land to sink. A glacial rebound is causing the northeast coast to sink. Much of Houston is built on land that is barely above lea level. California is subject to naturally occurring mega droughts and arKstorms. North America is subject to great droughts. Population growth encouraged by Washington DC has to lead to people settling in areas subject to flooding and droughts. The Dust Bowl impacted many Americans and was a consequence of a naturally occurring drought. The Great New England hurricane of 1938 was horrific, as were the Great Blizzards of 1888, 1951, and 1966 adversely impacted many Americans. Tornado Alley has constantly tormented Americans.

One megadrought, a 535 AD type volcanic explosion, will make the Existential Threat of Climate Change laughable, as will a reoccurrence of the 1812 Madrid quake. One of these three cyclical catastrophes is likely this century!

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