Why COVID-19 Is Not Going Away And Masks Are Useless!

Why is anyone surprised COVID-19 infections are on the rise? Energy-efficient buildings and transit are Petri dishes for the virus. As more people return to work, the infections will increase. Most people work in energy-efficient buildings. These buildings do not exchange outside air as rapidly as the old-style building with windows that opened, and we’re not airtight. More people are riding elevators that do not exchange air as the old-style elevators did. Because so many people smoked, elevators, buses, trains, and aircraft had to exchange outside air more. Buses, subways, transit stations, and malls save energy by not circulating air. Does anyone believe the airline industry is maximizing airflow, which uses more fuel? Masks are useless in such environments because the masks do not stop 90% of exhaled microdroplets. The air in these Energy Efficient buildings is chocked full of viruses. In a virus-rich environment, the eyes are also pathways to infection. Universities and schools are energy efficient too. Even cruise ships are energy efficient. Perhaps the reason India is doing better is that India’s buildings are not as energy-efficient yet. There is no way the virus will stop until it burns out, but COVID-19 being an engineered virus, it may be a very long wait for that day. This means that business will see continue to be impacted by COVID-19 for sometime to come, and the economy suffer setbacks as a consequence.

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