Climate Liars

It is all smoke and mirrors. The deaths and economic hardships caused by Catastrophic Climate Change have not been nearly as horrific as the deaths and economic damage caused by manufactured viruses and pointless wars! Ask the millions of refugees fleeing ethics cleansing campaigns and religious conflicts to rate their concern about climate change! Boys and girls, news flash, the earth does not have a stable climate! It has never had a stable climate and never will. ArKstorms, volcanoes, the aging earth, earth’s orbital precession, CME’s, and, my personal favorite, the earth’s declining magnetic field guarantee no climate stability! Those who are saying otherwise are charlatans.

The earth has been warming for 12000 years. Global Warming is why North America and Northern Europe are no longer buried under ice, the oceans have reason over 110 meters, and polar bears aren’t frolicking around in London. As far as I know, the earth is still warming up. And does anyone seriously believe it is possible to know how much CO2 was in the atmosphere and how warm or cold it was for two to two centuries a million years back?

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