Women’s Bodies Are Not Their Own!

Surprises? COViD-19 laws and regulations can force any e to wear masks no matter how uncomfortable or one does not want elevated CO2 in their blood. Governors, Mayors, judges, courts, Congress, and President Biden have made masks mandatory because this is what society demands. For the same reasons, an individual cannot refuse to take a vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The individual’s rights over their body can be suspended when society so demands. The above negates the argument that a women’s body is hers, and she can decide to have become pregnant, have an abortion, or not to have an abortion. The argument is rendered moot after citizens who do not wish to wear masks or receive vaccination because society expects to prioritize one’s individual rights to control their body. Society can force women to conceive and have a baby if doing so serves society. It is fascinating that the very organizations, politicians, and judges that took the position that no government can force women to have a baby once conceived have undermined that position by forcing masks to be worn and vaccinations given to those not wishing to yield control of their bodies to others.

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