The Sustainability Lie!

All the talk oozing out of corporate PR departments and CEOs about sustainability and saving the environment is so disingenuous. Every product bought is designed to fail and require replacement. Obsolescence is not just American or Western hypocrisy. It’s the motto of the World. Communist, socialist, and capitalist nations all bear the Mark of Caine. The Phoebus cartel made sure light bulbs failed after a month or so even though they could be designed to last years. The original LED lasted for five years or more. Now, LED replacement lights barely last half that. Cell phones are designed to keep users from replacing a battery or a failed part which forces the user to upgrade to a new model. Built-in obsolescence is in every product purchased. Air conditioners, insulated glass windows, shoes, and clothes disintegrate all too soon. There can never be a sustainable environment as long as the Phoebus mentality rules the corporate world and the government collects its 30 pieces of silver in taxes

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