So Many Americans Lied Too!

Between 1940 – 1980, Washington DC, the Pentagon, teachers, academics, religious leaders, Wall Street, the news media, and Hollywood bombarded Americans daily with the message that: their values, lifestyle, and consumption was proof of America’s greatness and capitalism’s superiority; Americans were the best and most productive workers; American’s values, capitalism, and God made America Great; it was America’s duty to defend God, capitalism and the world against the evils of Communism?

Magically, after December 25, 1991, the message changed. Why? On that day, the Soviet Union collapsed. The Soviet Union no longer threatened the pundits pushing America’s greatness. They were safe! Now they had a new message that America was not great. Americans were destroying the planet, exploiting the world, living high on the backs of the world, lazy, and evil. The new battle cry of these not-so-American Americans was that Americans must repent for their sins, cast off evil values, beg forgiveness, accept a life of humility and poverty, and decry allegiance to old values.

Oddly, this new Truth accomplishes the same objective for the generals, Washington DC, universities, and Hollywood. What could that be? Money? Students, contracts, cheap imports, cheap labor, and power. The only casualties are those left in the gutter with their world turned upside down and many crippled physically and emotionally from fighting wars that the influential, elites, and powerful no longer believe in. The losers are expendable, having never been very quality people in the first place.

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