Washington DC and the Pentagon Mutinied Against A Duly-Elected President

The Capitol Complex in Washington DC hides behind barbed wire not because the executive and legislative branches live in fear of a mass uprising. Rather they feat the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies. Why? The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ mutinied against a sitting President. The DOJ, Federal Judges, and the media committed acts of sedition to aid the Pentagon, and intelligence agencies bring down a President and administration they did not like! Their success is a pyrrhic victory that has ended the Republic. The betrayal of American generals and admits has permanently damaged Constitutional rule and set precedence! If the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon dislike a sitting President, it is now acceptable to commit acts of sedition and mutiny against the President and administration. Now, Congress and the President are terrified that the very same institutions they encouraged to bring down a President will turn on them if displeased with policies. This is why the White House and Congress are wrapped in barbed wire.

The Pentagons and colluding government t agencies have opened the door for future coups against any President or Congress that displeased them. The short sighed generals, conspiring agencies, and bureaucrats in Washington DC’s have destroyed the Republic and started the collapse of the nation into a third world have been. This is why the Pentagon is purging their ranks of any soldier who opposed or is aware of the mutiny. They too are worried of being betrayed by their own as they betrayed the President.

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