Cyclical Catastrophe Theories

The commonality cyclical catastrophe theories share is the sun. A nova event or a direct hit by a solar flare when the earth’s magnetic field has weakened would be devastating. A solar flare or nova event would account for most of the observed natural phenomenon. If debris from a nova event hit the Pacific ocean, the resulting tsunami would be horrific. I’m afraid I disagree with those who believe we can prepare to ride out such an event because the magnetic field that will engulf the earth will create massive electrical currents that will melt metal and render machinery and electronics useless. I believe this is why nothing is left of previous civilizations that experienced previous solar-induced catastrophes except stone artifacts. The few who survive will seek shelter in caves and stay underground for a time. LGBT will not be a lifestyle choice for millennia. Those who do will rule those who can’t. CRT, male privilege, trigger words, and safe spaces will not be on the survival “To-Do List.”

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