WAKE UP! Everyone needs to understand what one virus did to the WORLD. Mighty global leaders and generals hid scared out of their minds, and even now, The GREAT POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS LEADERS still hide behind masks, so Afraid are they. The entire world shut down, a million dead and untold numbers of humanity infected. Business and commerce will come to a grinding halt if the world is hit with many more such pandemics. Time the UN tells Washington DC TO SHUT UP! CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE is not the greatest threat to LIFE! It is PANDEMICS natural and engineered, and governments that lie and hide any epidemics from the world, no matter how small or what the cause. All genetic, bacteria or viral research has to be monitored. Any nation not willing to be monitored must be isolated and quarantined. No nation can go unpunished that hides any outbreak, human or animal! Catastrophic Death will be humanity’s fate, and if a lab screws up, Life could be the casualty!

biologicalwar,#engineered, #viruse, #pandemic,#COVID

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