Why Gays Endorse Transgenders and Pedophiles.

Why do gay and lesbian activists support the rights of transgender women to compete in women’s sports and use women’s designated facilities even when they opt to keep their penises and forgo hormone therapy, and support pedophiles’ demand to engage in sex with minors? If gays and lesbians did not support the rights of transgender men and women and pedophiles, the gay movement would be at risk because the arguments used by transgender people and pedophiles to justify their legitimacy are identical to the arguments used by gays and lesbians. The same logic is true of psychologists and psychiatrists. If they label transgender and pedophiles as mentally ill, then so too are gays and lesbians.

Perhaps what the public is beginning to comprehend is that many in the field of psychology and psychiatry are themselves mentally ill. What is more insane than doctors who specialize in OB/GYN, where 99% of their patients are biological males and females to be forced to treat transgender men and women? How much stress are biological women put under when forced to tolerate the presence of men with penises demanding to use their facilities because they identify as female? The LGBT movement, psychiatrists, and psychologists are putting most of society under great stress. It is insane to expect a community in which 99% do not suffer from gender dysphoria to accommodate those that do. If society labels pedophiles as mentally ill, then so are gays and lesbians, which brings us back to why gays and lesbians can not disavow allegiance to pedophiles and transgender men and women. The hard reality is that the LGBT movement has to pervert the sexual norms of 95% of the population to legitimize their sexual orientations. Society is being forced to normalize the abnormal. The consequence is that 95% of society is forced to accept what is naturally normal as abnormal. Society becomes mentally ill!

Society defines right and wrong and what behaviors will or will not be tolerated. What the LGBT activists are arguing is that they have the right to determine right and wrong. Yet, we know that is false. Society has the right to imprison those labeled as criminals because they violated social norms. Criminals do not tell society what is right or wrong. If they do, they are the rulers.

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