The USA Has Done Hitler Proud!

In 2020, the U.S. Congress installed a censorship clause in HR133, a coronavirus emergency response and relief package. In HR 133, Congress gave the FTC supreme authority to target, arrest, and fine anyone who doesn’t follow the government’s narrative on lockdowns, masks. This is totalitarianism. Total power places into the hands of a government agency to dictate what you say and do.

2020 is the year the USA became a True Banana Republic. The capital is now guarded by troops and surrounded by barbed wire fencing to protect an illegal government that stolen the election (Trump won the Electoral College had mass fraud been engaged in at federal and state levels), the military is being purged of those not loyal to the current regime policies, mass media has become a propaganda arm of the government, freedom of speech has been greatly curtailed, The People have no say in how their nation is managed. The Right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness has been taken away in the name of Saving the Planet from the 12000-year ongoing Interglacial Warmup that has raised global temperature and sea levels to 340 feet which have been rebranded as anthropogenically caused climate catastrophe.

America is Hitler’s Germany. The NAZIS won!

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