Wind and Solar Power Suck!

Less is not more! Cities need more power, not less. The more power a city has, the better. Energy gives cities greater control over the environment and increases the options available to improve living conditions. It is impossible to improve the lives of those now alive or the extra billion soon to be born without increasing energy.

Energy efficiency is an exercise in futility and a sure path to a worse future. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that energy-efficient buildings are less than healthy. Life has improved as access to cheap energy has increased.

Solar panels and wind generators are not viable energy solutions to power cities. Even if energy density and intermittency were not issues, in a reality where one volcano can alter wind and solar radiance worldwide, relying on solar and wind power is playing Russian Roulette with our future.

High energy density solutions are available—safe nuclear reactors that are thorium-based, pseudo-solid-state, SMR-160, molten chloride-based, etc. Many of the new designs produce little dangerous wastes. Atomic energy would free us from the tyranny of batteries by producing cheap hydrogen to power machines and transportation.

Windmills and solar panels eat land and are eyes sores. They are subject to environmental variables that reduce reliability and available power. Humanity abandoned wind and animal power for valid reasons. They suck!


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