Anthropogenic CLIMATE Catastrophe Is “Junk Science” Pushed by “Clown Scientists”!

Climate Crazies pushing anthropogenic climate catastrophe are as incompetent, egotistical, and dopy as they look. Be afraid of them, and their alma matters. These fear mongers stuff their pockets with money garnered from dim-witted bureaucrats scared silly by a hoax. The anthropogenic climate change narrative has taken on a life of its own in the scientific community. The topic of Climate Change is no longer driven by science. Open debate and refinement of data are verboten! Too many in the scientific, political, business, and bureaucratic establishment have latched on to a Cash Cow that rewards intellectual and scientific laziness. Any line of reasoning that threatens the cash cow is quickly pounced on and denounced as “fake news” pushed by conspiracy nuts.

This mass hysteria would be funny were it not for the harm done.

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