Welcome to Hell!

I heard a fascinating talk by a person who had given much thought to world religions, philosophies, and the human condition. He had concocted a brilliant synthesis of all the above into a rational explanation of life and God. In his view, this world is Hell. When we die, if we are decent, we do not return. Those who are are still bad are reincarnated and repeat the process until they get it right. The bad are born into powerful and wealthy families. The less rotten are born into not so powerful and wealthy families to give them a taste of humanity before they move into great wealth and power by not being nice. “Scum floats!” The rich and powerful are the demons that torment the rest of humanity. Few at the top change, so they repeat the cycle often. Those who change in the masses of tortured soles are rewarded. They do not reincarnate.

His views of this world, though not entirely original, explain much. This is why those who live the people so much send their wives do on expensive shopping trips. Their children attend private schools and elite universities, no matter how dumb they are. They drive expensive cars and planes, live in beautiful homes, and continue to get rich.

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