Travel, Tourism and COVID

Mass travel and tourism will be the permanent casualties of this current pandemic. It is all but impossible to contain a deadly infection that takes weeks to manifest symptoms as it spreads. A virus a deadly as HIV or Hantavirus but infinitely easier to apply is waiting to hitch a ride on an unsuspecting host. In today’s world, if high-speed travel, they would be infected before knowing it was dead. High-speed air and land travel to move masses of people between mega-cities that are giant Petri dishes need to take a back seat to disease control. Seventy years back, few traveled internationally. A trip to another city was rare. A hundred-mile drive in a car was a big deal. I think this world is returning. Slow travel and quarantine at destinations are coming! It is Back to the Future or no Future! If leaders are not proactive and slow the movement of people, crops, and cattle, the next pandemic will if there are enough of us left alive.

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