On-Demand: A Dumb Ivy University Bomb!

The pandemic is a wake-up call that on-demand delivery breaks down when a global event shuts down critical supply chains. Too many forget that our modern world is like a V. Everything level depends on what lies below it. The lowest point in the V is FOOD! Everything that we are depends on food. As with PPE and medical supplies, today’s world is built on the assumption that nothing will shut down the global on-demand food chain. One nasty volcanic eruption on the order of Krakatoa or a Coronal Mass Ejection that shuts down energy production, electronics, and transportation for a couple of years would collapse food production and distribution. Everything would come undone when there is no food.

I ask myself why are there are no long-term food reserves stored to feed the people until food production was back online? It could take years to restore food production and distribution. Our leaders seem to be playing Russian Roulette with our lives and theirs. If they think that the food squirreled away in COG bunkers will suffice or escape notice by the starving, they are delusional!

Addressing this problem would provide jobs and unite us all. Few would oppose this endeavor.

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