Catechism of the Woke!

Be careful using logic. Wear your mask as proof you are a believer in the One True Religion. The use of reason could mean you are in league with the devil, and testing your loyalty to the WAY may be required! Our leaders are preparing a new test to weed out those who use the devil’s science. Suspects will be held underwater for 30 minutes. If the suspect is still alive, that person serves the dark side! Be as our sages! Bill Gates and Great Thunberg are not slaves to logic and facts. No one cares in a world driven by hysteria. Hysteria is infinitely more fun, meaningful and satisfying. It is the way of the righteous. Thinking is boring and hard to do! Those locked away in their homes are the new flagellants appeasing an angry deity, and the billions swearing of consumption of the devil’s fossil fuel are the new monks forgoing the pleasures of life to be in harmony with the universe!

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