Climate Change – Much ADo About Nothing!

Try to imagine today is 1980 in 11,000 BCE. The glaciers are everywhere and miles high, the oceans over a hundred meters lower. Our cities and farms are located off coasts now underwater, on the floors of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and the English Channel, and next to glaciers. The interglacial warmup has begun. Oceans are rising, glaciers are melting, and temperatures are climbing. We wake every day told that the science proves anthropogenic warming was causing this global catastrophe! The never-ending lament that humanity must stop destroying the earth and live in harmony with the planet with our mindless pursuit of comfort and plenty. Hordes of do-gooders, politicians, researchers, world-famous scientists, endless government initiatives, lawsuits, media specials, and screaming teenagers would do then as they do now. Now imaging. It is a century later. The oceans continued to rise, and the glaciers melt. Our cities are underwater, and most of humanity are dead not because of rising seas, storms, and changing climate, but because Silly failed to adapt to Climate Change! The Existential Threat hysteria over Climate Change altered nothing.

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