Global Warming Good and Climate Alarmists Bad!

Warm is good. Over the last 12,000 years, the earth has warmed, the oceans have risen over 340 feet, pushing coastlines to higher ground, greener much of the planet, and supported growing numbers of humanity. Living in today’s warming planet beats living in the ice age. More people live in the Shara desert than in the Antarctic. To put it another way, it is easier to grow a crop in the desert than on a glacier. Oceans rise, hurricanes and tornadoes devastate, and still the world populations grow, and the earth gets greener. There is less green during an Ice Age and lots of green plants during interglacial warming. Green is good. Millions migrate to tornado alley and the hurricane coasts in the United States, but not so many migrate to Alaska!

The terror of climate change appeals to the not so bright and modern-day con artists, of which there are many in academia, business, and politics. Climate change to the bureaucrats of the world is a “wet dream on steroids.” The parasites of the world embrace climate change with the fervor of a religious zealot. Instant prestige, authority, and power await the climate change acolytes. And, as with all religions, their assertions are unprovable.

Perhaps, the global fixation on the world’s bureaucrats and scientists is proof that most of them and their followers are stupid! If one seriously looks at the members of the United States Congtesd, the generals in the Pentagon or the heads if the intelligence agencies it is obvious, the best and the brightest they ain’t! And, sadly, the same seems to hold for the leadership of most nations. Consider what the argument is. In a hundred years their be more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes and the oceans will be higher and warmer. So what? These very same conditions have been ongoing during the last 12,000 years of the current interglacial warmup. Humanity has had to climb to higher and higher ground as the oceans rose 340 feet. Hurricanes and tornadoes worsened and the earth became warmer and warmer and more and more glaciers disappeared. As the climate worsened from Global Warming humanity’s numbers grew and grew and grew. Great civilization and cities sorunhbuonaroing the word. It would seem humanity thrives in a world wrecked by rising seas and worsening weather. We are told humanity.blossomed and grew as the earth warmed, but now we must tremble in fear and horror from.Warming and Rising seas. Why has the questions not been answered of how warm and how high will the seas rise as the natural interglacial warming continues? Equally interesting ybw towering intellects never address the elephant in their mists. What happens when the interglacial warmup ends?

The obvious lack if intelligence it ability to of the institutions, scientists, government t agencies and politicians shaking in terror of the coming doom.that that will kill millions and force cities to relocate to higher ground consider the following:

– By 2040, one billion next to active volcanoes.

– Tens of millions chose to live on earthquake faults.

– Millions have moved to Florida with more coming.

– Humanity is funneled into larger and denser cities that are breeding grounds for disease.

– Increasing levels of cosmic radiation and danger from CME’s hitting the earth as the earths magnetic field.declines. Either of the above can cause havoc that makes any global.warminh scenario pale I’m comparison.

– The poles of the planets are moving and the consequences of such.titanic forces inside the earth may set off volcanic and earthquakes that makes the worse global warming scenario welcomes as an alternative.

The point this author is trying to make is that global warming no more an issue than many other problems that would be far worse in consequences were they to materialize. Unfortunately, the odds of one or more of the other catastrophes happening soon are more likely. The consequences of these catastrophic events could be mitigated if climate change phobia was dropped. A solar CME would be a catastrophe as a nuclear EMP and the world is still not hardened to the levels needed. Mega cities with their energy efficient buildings and dense pack are breeding grounds for pandemics.

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