The U.S. Is A Banana Republic and No Threat to China or Russia.

The United States is an Emperor with no clothes. The country is broke, most of the people are close to financial ruin, politicians are corrupt, and the military is useless. The EU, CCP, and Russia know that America is devolving into a Banana Republic and its power on the world stage is waining. As in any Banana Republic in the Americas, the collective purpose of the military, intelligence agencies, judicial system, education, and police job is not to protect The People. It is to protect themselves, politicians and rich they serve from each other and The People.

re unqualified in Washington D.C. and teaching in universities. No money to prepare. It has all been squandered on endless wars, ineffective programs, and endless entitlement programs. The truth, the government of the United States, failed to protect the American people. Congress failed miserably, even with 16 years to prepare! The United States is a Banana Republic.

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