The U.S. IS a Banana Republic, but Is It China’s Good Dog?

The short answer is yes! The CCP quarantined Wuhan while allowing airlines to fly in and to fly back out loaded with infected passengers to the United States. This caused damage to the economy and resulted in over 300,000 dead. Plus, masks purchased in the U.S. made in China and sold to Americans at exorbitant prices. Yes, the Pentagon, Washington D.C. and Congress are good dogs with no teeth!.

The United States is an Emperor with no clothes. The country is broke, most of the people in financial ruin, politicians are corrupt, and the military is useless. The CCP knows America is the Banana Republic with little power on the world stage. The NSA, CIA, and FBI are not global players. Their one job is to keep the corrupt government and cronies in control, as do similar agencies in other banana republics. The argument that the agencies’ are safeguarding the nation, in light of 911 and that the NSA and CIA failed to detect the epidemic ravaging China for months. The FBI failed to notice that the Chinese in America were sucking up PPE supplies and shipping them to China. The truth is nothing has changed since 911, except this time, 400,000 died, and the national economy was devastated. As far as The CCP was concerned, the U.S. military was just how air. The CCP lied to the United States about COVID-19 and deliberately allowed the infected to fly out of Wuhan to infect America while quarantining Wuhan from the rest of China. The CCP had no concerns about the United States. Why? The United States is just another Banana Republic ruled by less than bright leaders. Bureaucrats and generals are no threat. It is no secret, the U.S. It is only big when the opponent is small. Now with China’s good American dog, Biden, in power, the mighty United States military will do only as Xi Jinping wishes. China is the real global power. Washington D.C. just hasn’t read the memo. Let’s all pretense of the great CDC or how great U.S. health agencies and universities are. The United States is broke, and most in government or not in their positions based on merit. It has been 16 years since SARs and endless meetings and planning sessions to deal with the coming pandemic. When the pandemic said come, Washinton D.C. agency or the CDC completely missed the seriousness of the virus, had no adequate supplies of PPE for health and necessary workers. There were inadequate medical supplies, medicines, or equipment in reserve to deal with a pandemic. There was no ability to do contact tracing. In short, the government of the United States, after 16 years, was unable to deal with a pandemic. Why? It is because too many are unqualified in Washington D.C. and teaching in universities. No money to prepare. It has all been squandered on endless wars, ineffective programs, and endless entitlement programs. The truth, the government of the United States, failed to protect the American people. Congress failed miserably, even with 16 years to prepare! The United States is a Banana Republic.

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