When Models Break Down

Computer models are not the only models we use. All the models used, the ones in our heads or computers, rely on steady-state patterns. Everything we are, we owe to predictable and reasonably stable patterns. Business, trade, or food production requires predictability. This is why there is such disdain for Chaos. Chaos cannot be modeled. During extended periods of environmental chaos, society at all levels breaks down. Though usually the last to fall, cities cannot ride out a world in chaos that lasts years. Cities are mortal too!

Why the concern about chaos? A menace has been growing yearly under our feet, that may be affecting electrical grids, communications, and weather. The decline of the earth’s magnetic field and the migration of the magnetic poles are accelerating every year. The official line is that there is no reason for concern. Many fear this phenomenon will bring a long period of chaos to our orderly planet of which increased vulcanism, earthquakes, and cosmic radiation being the less worrisome consequences. The questions are: can businesses, cities, and government ride out what may come, and if not, would it not be prudent to take steps to reduce the time it will take for the world to recover?

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