Wealth Gap Drives Rioting

America has bee split into three classes. The rich who are so far apart from (99%) of the country they identify only with the global rich, not the riff-raff American people beneath them. The second class about (29%) is comprised of a small percentage of people who can afford the allusion they own their homes, which are mortgaged to institutions the very rich control. The last group which is around (70%) owns little, including their cars. Even the Dollar stores are costly to them.

Wasn’t the mantra at one time that ownership produces good citizens? Were we not told the United States was stable because of the large number of the middle class who had a stake in the economy? Was this not the message we were endlessly bombarded with over the airways in documentaries and news casts? Did not we read in endless magazine and newspaper articles how capitalism and freedom created the largest middle class in the world?

Strange, after Evil Communism fell, the mantra of the middle class slowly went away, along with the middle class. Odd, but it seems war has been good for the middle class and the peace dividend has swelled the ranks of the poor. Income insecurity for all but the super-rich became the norm. The super-rich became even richer, and Congress seemed fixated on moving manufacturing out if the United States and then services too went away. And, more and more Americans sunk into economic insecurity as every member of Congress became richer. Why even the bureaucrats’ wealth gap between them and those they served (The People) grew larger and larger.

Why the surprise that those disenfranchised from the system that once touted how America was great because so many had it so good? Why would people who know they are permanently poor, doomed to rise never high enough to touch the feet of the rich? They know the gods who live high up in buildings care nothing for them. Can we not understand the anger and the hate boiling in so many seeking outlets to express the anger they have for the helplessness of their fate by striking out at those who are different and not much better off. The rich are simply out of reach and too protected by the very government that was supposed to protect the powerless from the powerful.

Those who own nothing, have no income security, know their children have little chance of climbing higher, and see others living much better, scramble for crumbs and are always looking up have little incentive to work within the system and not to loot, draw graffiti, hate the people who live in the clouds like gods, and to hate anyone living a little better life. Is not the way most people in America now live, not the life style we were told over and over for decades would being down Communism because it was a failed system.? Why do bureacrats and the Congress who believed this view of society was correct believe the result will not be the same for this government?

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