E-Vehicle’s Ridiculous Charge Time!

The 500-pound gorilla in the room e-vehicle pundits try to ignore is charging time in a world filled with e-vehicles. How many times, during a busy holiday, have you pulled into a fueling area to find yourself sitting behind one or two cars? How many times have you pulled into your neighborhood gas station with a car in front of you? Who wants to wait 15 to 30 minutes before they can start to charge their vehicle which will take 15 to 30 minutes to charge their car? What if bad weather or an upcoming holiday prompts owners of-vehicles to charge their batteries? Are you beginning to see the mess you are being walked into by the very same people who promised you that more highways would end congestion and reduce your drive time? Until time to fully charge an e-vehicle comes to match the time to fill the tank that of a gasoline-powered car, e-vehicles will not be practical for people who can not afford to wait up to an hour or more for a charge.

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