Magnetic Pole Shifts Kill, Not Climate Change!

All the silliness over Global Warming is depressing to watch. Everyone everywhere is so worried about saving the plant -as if they could. Vain, empty headed sillies all have a mission to define their meaningless, empty lives – saving the planet from climate change. An exercise that can only be compared to masturbation that changes nothing, feels good, and is an empty gesture. In a way, one has to pity those believing they are going to save themselves from the horrors of man made warming. They seem so oblivious to the gargantuan forces taking place beneath their feet as the magnetic pole move faster and faster to their new positions on the opposite sides of the globe. Magnetic fields create electrical currents, and the moving magnetic fields will doing the same poles speed faster and faster. Rock polarized with similar and dissimilar poles will settle to new states of equilibrium bringing earthquakes, tidal waves. erupting volcanoes, and lightning and electrical discharges that will effect electrical grids around the world. As the strength oh the magnetic field drops, more cosmic radiation will reach the surface damaging human. animal and plant DNA and RNA. Solar flares and CMEs once stopped by a much stronger magnetic field will reach the surface and cause harm in many unpleasant ways. Paradoxically increased cosmic radiation increases cloud formation which cools the planet which will bring crop failures and famine to a very unprepared humanity. And, to cap off the fun events, the magnetic pole shift will effect the Earth’s axis and direction of rotation. As the earth’s inertia and outer cores and the mantel reach a new equilibrium, there will be serious surface manifestations that will make any of the spooky scenario pumped out by alarmists and their flawed computer models pleasant alternatives. Hell is coming our way and it will not be CO2 induced, rather it will be driven by the magnetic pole shift and there is nothing, nothing anyone can do about it. All the efforts to save the planet from killer CO2 (which it isn’t) and the horrible consequences that surely be in 100 years if CO2 is not lowered will be for nothing as the ongoing and increasing rate of magnetic polar shift speeds up!

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