White Rich to Poor Whites – Do As We Say!

Seems rather lopsided does it not that the rich who are for the most part white telling all other whites they must abandon white privilege and atone! Yet, white rich NEVER, GIVE UP RICH. How odd and mysterious this seemingly strange disconnect between the pronouncements of the rich. It, thou I am sure the rich would deny, that this an example is An example of “do as I say, not as I do.” Ever try to walk up to a rich persons or walk around their homes wearing a hoodie? Never goes well if you are not rich – white or black! Before you can blink, you will be surrounded by guards and police. The rich keep the “white trash from getting to close too. Yet, from their walled homes well patrolled by armed guards and police, they tell you that you must abandon WHITE Privilege and apologize because it is the right thing to do. You see, they all got rich by being honest and playing fare. None of them inherited their Rich Privilege. But, these self righteous white liberals, of which many are POLITICIANS, will tell you that the income between you and them has been ordained by God, and you must accept the disparity that exists between you and the them – the anointed. Those born into wealth have the balls to tell you to apologize and abandon White Privilege. After all, we are all equal. We all know that all the the children of the rich are no better off than the children of blacks and whites who are not rich. Why getting into Harvard or starting a business for rich kids is as risky and nerve racking for them as it is for everyone else. Thus, you see, if you are born white, you must apologize and disavow all privileges as the children of the rich do! We all know Rich Parents never use their privileges to help their children achieve more than other parents children. Maybe, those who have White Privilege should feel guilty and apologize when the Rich Whites and their, often ,very average children, do the same. Until then, strive to improve everyone’s life and privileges and keep your privileges. And if the self righteous rich do not like it, let’s help them give up their rich privileges.

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