Liberals, Sow the Wind and They Will Reap the Whirlwind!o

What comes around, goes around! Bashing, banning and doxing Trump supporters with no consequences has opened a door Antifa, Hollywood, corporations, banks, Soros and those aiding and abetting such acts of violence will regret having opened. As conservatives realize that the rule of law is no longer enforced when it is liberals who are lying, framing innocent people, using fake evidence and looking the other way when gross abuse of power has being exercised, there is a clear realization that the punishments and standards used against them are not the same as used against conservatives. Conservatives have watched Federal and state agencies destroy by any means possible those who oppose the left. The rot has spread to the FBI, CIA, military, Congress, legal institutions with one clear reality, conservatives are legitimate targets to be destroyed. So, conservatives are faced with two choices – capitulate and settle for second class citizenship. or respond in like manner against those who wish them harm. We all know, “What Comes Around, Goes Around.” Bashing, banning and doxing Trump supporters with no consequences, means their are no reason not to do same. Trump supporters can do exactly the same to against businesses, media, individuals attacking them. Those who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind! And that day is fast coming. As every conservative knows, to sit back and do nothing always ends in subjugation and enslavement. If “free speech” is over, and the liberals and judges in power no longer support Constitutional, the reality is rule or be ruled! If opinion and thought is to be controlled, then best to be the ones who control. The ACKU has shown its true colors with turning a deaf ear to what they view as arcane concepts when conservatives are targeted to property rights, freedom of speech, innocent until proven guilty appear. Jeff Bezos, Soros, Tom Steyers, so many federal, state and local judges, administrators, legislators, federal and state agents, and courts have made it plain that law and justice are dead when conservatives are the targets to harass, destroy and physically harm! Hell is coming with a purpose!

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