Privately Owned Banks Control The Federal Reserve And You!

Every fiscal crises in the United States has been created by the privately controlled Federal Reserve. The crises has increased the wealth of the very rich and their control over the public. Most Americans are simply Debt Slaves to the Super Rich. It ain’t a Democracy boys and girls. The public serve the interests of the Super Rich! This is why George Soros now has relocated to the United States. He wants to grow his families wealth – not the People’s.

Yes, the Federal Reserve serves the interests of the owners and investors of those private banks. This is why in 2008, the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks and passed the debt down to the public. The next financial crises will again end with the super rich keeping all the gain and everyone else eating the losses.

The super rich through the Federal Reserve run the United States. The wars fought by the United States since the founding of the Privately run Federal Reserve has not served the public. The wars served the goals of the super rich. The way to stop this rape of democracy and the enslavement of the non rich is to tax this group at 99% on all liquid assets. The super rich have power that makes opposing them all but impossible. Democracy and the will of the people ends up becoming the will of the super rich making a mockery of the concept of a national government that answers to the people, not the few.

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