Time to Invade Our Southern Neighbors!

The federal courts have ruled that S. Americans can claim asylum in the United States because every country south of the United States are tyrannies suppressing their citizens. We have to include Mexico because even Mexico is a tyranny that forces Mexicans to flee and seek political asylum. So the courts do not expect anyone fleeing their shit-home countries from Central and South America to seek asylum in Evil Mexico. Why. Are we fighting in around the world to free people from corrupt political systems and ignore the plight of millions of south of our boarder? Should we not invade these corrupt and dysfunctional nations whose citizens flee in terror? The United States cannot standby and let this horror continue. Surely, the Congress the Federal Courts and every Sanctuary state and city can support. We must urge the Congress to invade Mexico, Central America and South America to free the oppressed masses from the horrors imposed upon them by evil, tyrannical, and dysfunctional states! We must demand this action be taken immediately. Are not these oppressed peoples not as deserving as other peoples we are freeing from the shackles of tyrant!

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