LGBT Guarantees That It Stays A Man’s World!

The LGBT movement has found itself in a conundrum. I men and women or the same, then there is nothing with a man who identifies as a women to compete in women’s activities in business, science and sports. But, if there is a physical and mental difference between men and women and that difference favors men, then they will excel over women. Men who have declared they are women taken all the titles held by biological women. Men now dominate women’s sports. Women are now second class athletes. All sports are now dominated by men who because they win more will now make more. If this trend continues in other activities, men will more likely than not dominate too, again, relegating women to second place. The conundrum for the LGBT community is if the movement protest men simply declaring they are women and then they admit there are differences between the sexes. If there are no objections, the men who are women will skew salary levels and take reduce the gender gap. And if men are driven by hormones to be more aggressive and work harder for success, then men will dominate biological women. The LGBT movement is caught in Catch-22 paradox. Do not acknowledge there is a difference between male and females, men will dominate. If they protests, the they acknowledge there are differences between men and women. Since the latter is anathema to the those in the LGBT movement, they will stay silent with the end confirm that it is “a man’s world.”

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