China Understands the Muslim Problem Better Than the West!


Not a popular position to take in West that China is handling the Muslims properly. Unlike the West, China understands Islam is neither a religion of peace or of tolerance. The government of China knows if Islam is not corralled China’s society will be irreparably harmed. Notice that those who howl protest at China’s policy make no such complaints over Judaism and Christianity being corralled in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The leaders of China understand that a country has to control cultures to bind the nation together, and crush those that do not. China will not follow Europe or the United States in committing national and cultural suicide. The Chinese clearly understand that what serves the survival of the state must override all other interests if the state is to exist, equally important, the fall of China’s secular state would be replaced by an Islamic State far more brutal. A state based on fairy tales and backed by repressive all controlling Shariah law would pull China down into the abyss of a Dark Age!

A brief outline of Islamic history;

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