Why Immigration Matters

The lies Congress tells those they supposedly serve and protect are out of ignorant, or avarice to enrich themselves and their own. Cultural conflicts and economic harm can be real consequences to uncontrolled immigration. When the cultural differences between the indigenous cultures in a country and the immigrants are large, parallel cultures antithetical to each other are likely to develop which can easily erupt into violence. There are no go Muslims zones in Germany were Muslims maintain separate cultural values and do not welcome non-Muslim German citizens.

The economic consequences can be as disruptive to citizens. A simple example even members of Congress can’t misrepresent. Tiny nation has GNP is $10,000 and a population of 1000. 1000 immigrants floods the little nation. GNP will drop if production of goods, energy and services do not double. GNP will not grow unless goods, services and energy doubles. If the immigrants are old, poorly educated, the burden of increasing GNP falls on the citizens not the immigrants. And, if the immigrants produce larger families, the burden on citizens only grows, or at best, stays flat. So, the quality of the immigrant matters. Immigrants that have large families and cannot not contribute enough to GNP to compensate for the added financial and resources Tiny nation’s citizens will have to shoulder. A large influx of uneducated immigrants who cannot speak the language and have large families will pull the living standards of Tiny Nation down. To say otherwise is a lie!

Which Immigration policy does Joe Q citizen, of Tiny nation benefit:

1. Uneducated immigrants, who will need financial assistance for years, and the language of Tiny nation?

2. Educated immigrants, who can join the workforce within weeks, needs no financial assistance and speaks the language of Tiny nation?

Immigration choices do affect a nation’s citizens. Unfortunately the Congress of either through ignorance or indifference chooses to hurt those they swore to defend and protect. Of course their being able to adjust their incomes to immunize their lifestyles from the impact that will be borne by those they supposedly serve makes it easy for members of Congress to be noble and righteous!

Unless you are well off, you, the reader have been hurt financially and you will continue to be hurt by the failure of Congress to protect your interests. You are without a doubt poorer because of bad decisions made by Congress! In truth, they Lie!

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