You Can’t Defend and Protect What You Do Not Know!

How can those in government defend and protect that which they do not know? Too few could pass a rudimentary level of the Constitution, so how would they know when they are defecating on the principles it embodies? They don’t which is why the legal system can destroy you at will which the Constitution did not want to happen. You are increasingly guilty until you prove your innocent, you child can be taken for a host of reasons and the pate t is helpless and must prove the states reasons are wrong which more often not leaves the parents financially destroyed which is then another reason your child can be taken. So many rules and regulations tolerated because most citizens do not know they are in direct opposition to the Constitution.

So, what does this all mean? The system the founding fathers put in place to protect the individual and business owners from government that lives to control everyone and everything has been dismantled and, truthfully, no longer exists. The tyranny the founding fathers of tried to prevent is here! Yes, the system they had devised came with faults which they hoped would be removed while keeping the sanctity of the individual and businesses free from the tyranny of the State.

If they had only required that anyone serving in any government capacity at any level had to pass a test included in the Constitutional maybe this experiment in democracy would have endured.

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