Green Energy, A Death Sentence?

Proponents of Green Energy seem clueless that there volcanoes are not just alcoholic drinks that can erupt and cause climate forcing that would renders CO2 forcing non-consequential. And, if such a volcano does blow covering the earth in a cloud of ash will render solar panels useless and wind turbines reliability problematic with changing wind patterns and increased cooling engulf the planet. A world dependent solely on Green Energy in a world where volcanic ash blots out the sun will result in deaths of hundreds of millions of Americans from cold and starvation from food shortages.

The odds of volcanic eruptions that ushered in the Dark Ages in 535 AD or the Year Without Summer in 1816 are increasing. They occur on a regular cycle and according to volcanologists the odds are increasing. Factor in, that there is a correlation between increased volcanism and the earth’s magnetic pole shift. No matter what confidence NASA or NOAA have that the consequences of the Earth’s ongoing magnetic pole shift will be benign, it is all guess work. It is the same for volcanologists predictions. It is all quests work. What is not guesswork is that when a 535 AD volcanic event happens, the consequences will be catastrophic. A Green Energy world will be devastated. Make no mistake, If such an event happens in our lifetimes, most you reading this article will die from starvations and, or cold. CO2 emissions will be the least of your worries.

Perhaps a compromise would be to develop nuclear reactors that are safer and cleaner which would provide power to a world in deprecate need of reliable energy. Not a perfect solution, but a solution that keeps humanity from going extinct!


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