Jane Jacobs and Göbekli Tepe

Jane Jacobs theorized that ancient cities created agriculture. Jane Jacobs thought that agriculture was not necessary for cities to exist. Göbekli Tepe validates her argument. The site is older, much larger, and more sophisticated than Stonehenge. The kicker is that all the evidence points to the site having been constructing by a non-farming community subsiding on wild picked foods and fresh-killed game. The site was built over several centuries and used for centuries. So, agriculture may be required at some point for a city to thrive, but agricultural is not necessary for a city to begin. Jane Jacobs was right, and the urban experts and archeologists that belittled her were wrong! Unfortunately, this, too, will be appropriated by academia and claimed as their own while pushing into obscurity. And, still, people seek out these very unimaginative professors for wisdom and advice.

My one big regret was not to have met and talked with this great lady so far ahead of her time.

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