Civil War Coming to America?

But, people are funny, they tend to surprise you. Keep alienating and marginalizing citizens, and the outcome could change, and there could be a full-blown Civil War. For now, what would the Civil War be about? A war fought over race, class, ethnic, ethnic affiliations, socialism vs. communism vs. capitalism, climate change proponents vs. deniers? Who would lead them? How can a country where at every level of government, most elites, academics in elite universities, the majority of the wealthy, executives of most large corporations, and the media regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or political orientation have long ago sold out to foreign interests have a Civil War? There are too few leaders not committed to selling out those who trust them for money. Too many if of America’s elites which include politicians and, judges, no longer have any loyalty to the concept of nation and are doing to America what the Chinese ruling class had done to China in exchange for greater wealth from the imperialists in the 1800s – betray their countrymen who trusted them.

A Civil War in which one group, if Americans will be willing to fight and die for a cause, is not going to happen. Maybe, for food or necessities, but not for a cause or principle. No matter how the elites push much hate, identity politics, racial differences, and cultural wars, Congress, media and educators, their rhetoric will only strengthen their control over each faction and will never push this nation of marshmallow and snowflakes, who lack any meaningful moral center into a Civil War. A country of snowflakes, fat, obese, and aging citizens, most likely will never fight. Yes, Americans do fight wars around the world, but they do so in relative comfort, A Civil War is a different beast. It requires everyone to play and suffer and risk death something, for now, not likely for now. The operational words here are “For Now”!

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