If Global Cooling, America Loses!

When Lysenkoism collapsed as a viable theory, Soviet Russia science lost credibility around the world. The fall to junk science of Lysenkoism endorsed by the Communist Party tainted all Russian academics and science. The Soviet Union’s backing of Lysenkoism contributed to it’s dimminished standing around the world. Lysenkoism was the USSR in the eyes of the world.

Likewise, the prestige of the United States and its institutions is hostage to Climate Change (aka, Global Warming). If global cooling becomes a reality, who will want to go Harvard, a university that pushed Climate Change? What credibility will U.S. courts backing global warming, U.S. military and intelligence agencies singing the song of catastrophic doom retain if climate change forecasts are wrong Will the wailing of President Obama and the Congress be forgotten in a world cooling and witnessing growing glaciers? Nope! Definitely not going to happen. No nation or world organization will try to save America’s face. Who trusts a fool?

If temperatures stay flat or decrease, oceans do not rise, and glaciers continue to grow, who will believe NOAA or NASA? A nation suckered in by the ravings of the wannabe clergyman Al Gore who started a new religion of which he was head priest, teaching salvation via abstinence from combustion will be dismissed as a nation populated and run by buffoons who fooled the world into believing a fairy tale. Will any pronouncement rolling out from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkley or any U.S. university be listened to? Will The Harvard Review be seen as a glorified comic book after having been given a pass on its fervent warnings that the Earth was running out of oil blunder to have again called it wrong that the to lightened pronouncement of the planet running out of oil. Didn’t happen. Harvard pushing “The Earth Is On Fire” may deliver the well deserved coup de grâce to Harvard excellence in in depth reasoning. Who will believe research coming out of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution if glaciers are definitely growing? The Congress of the United Stated, NSA, CIA, the Joint Chiefs of the military have all proclaimed global warming is the greatest threat to mankind and control everything you do (one has to wonder if these people have little swastikas tattooed on their asses) given their need to control. Will the collapse of on demand food supply caused by global cooling and the ensuing global hunger cool the world to U. S. leadership? Yep! And, maybe, the public will understand why the people who got rich transferring production offshore, have not won a military conflict in 50 years, and destroyed the middle class are to be ignored which is a fate worse that death to elitists and a guaranteed road to loss of power at all levels.

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