Why, No Environmental Impact Statement On Immigration?

Anything done in the United States requires an environmental impact statement. It is illegal to let a baby take dumb into an ocean bay. Why? The environment must be protected from baby poop! Hello, reader! Immigrants poop and often not where they are suppose to go. Changes in population alter the environment. The cry we must protect the environment is heard nowhere. Should not there be a cry from environmentalists for a comprehensive review of the environmental consequences of millions of immigrants? The environmental crazies cry out that THE ENVIRONMENT MUST BE PROTECTED from baby poop! Why no environmental impact statements from cities, states, and the federal government on the consequences of the increased human population? Citizens hounded by mindless bureaucrats screaming about protecting the environment have had to endure having government agencies endlessly blow smoke up their butts. Increasing population alters the environment. Yet, environmentalists, the EPA, Greens have no interest in the effects of increased population on the environment. Why? Is it the environment is not the agenda; power and control are!

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