St. Louis: A City Destroyed

The promise made was a new vibrant city full of life and activity. The university and government experts were so sure and so confident. What they and their computer simulation models delivered was a stillborn city empty of life and economic activity. The experts tore down homes of the poor and low middle class along with their functioning communities. They were replaced with dead, sterile public housing with broken communities. Massive highways gouged out vast tracts of the city, dissecting what was once working and thriving communities into isolated enclaves, just shells of what the communities and activities they had a decade before. Yet, somehow, these visionaries and urban experts felt it was imperative to run the highways to be directly next to Anheuser Bush brewery complex, and other well-connected businesses would benefit from quick access to the highway for transport and executives commuting in from their suburban homes dislocating tens of thousands of families living path cleared to make room for massive highways and the off and on access ramps. So many lives shattered and uprooted to benefit a few well connected to government. Magically, the homes of those pushing the highways and well connected never had to worry about their homes or neighborhoods. The highways magically bypassed them. The rich, the educated elites, the overpaid bureaucrats laid waste to St. Louis in much the way an invading army would and then return to their intact homes and neighborhoods. The trusting citizens of St. Louis lives were turned upside down as St. Louis had its economic throat cut by the very same do-gooders who cut all loans and to the city. This act of sabotage guaranteed the dispossessed would live in the suburb.

When done, a giant Arch stood were homes, businesses, and neighborhoods had stood. An Arch built at great expense which has never been recovered. Highways crisscrossed the city. Streetcars that transported thousands were gone. The people of St. Louis were betrayed by their government. Their lives and routines pointlessly destroyed to feed the hubris of government and university planning elites. Elites, who gained financially always as so many in St. Louis, lost everything that made life meaningful. So, why should we believe anything these so-called elites, bureaucrats, and elites tell us as gospel. Has not their collective failures taught us nothing! St. Louis is a testament to their deceit, incompetence, and greed.

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