Neutralize China’s U.S. War Strategy To Prevent Nuclear War

If the U.S. is attacked by nuclear weapons from Asia or the Middle East, the United States has no choice but to attack China. Why? China’s war plans to defeat the United States are to have small belligerent nations attack the United States with nuclear weapons and, as U.S. reacts to the belligerents initiate a nuclear strike to cripple infrastructure then take out the remaining U.S. nuclear arsenal to deliver the coup de grâce to the U.S. ability to respond with nuclear weapons. By crippling the ability of the U.S. to retaliate against China and the massive infrastructure damage and casualties from, first, small belligerent states such as Pakistan and N. Korea, the Chinese PLA would be confident that China would not suffer catastrophically from further hostilities with the U. S. At the same time within the U.S., China-friendly universities and government cadres in Congress and infiltrated government agencies including the State Department and the military would push for the U.S. to agree to terms of surrender rather than suffer more devastation. Similar to the NAZI plan to use pro-NAZI forces within Churchill’s government to bring about Britain’s agreeing to peace terms, which was nixed by Winston Churchill refusal to surrender. This is China’s master plan which will work unless there are enough Americans still in power of the ilk of Winston Churchill, who stood against British Nazi sympathizers wanting Britain to become part of the NAZI vision, ready to formulate an action plan to counter China’s strategy involving an immediate nuclear response on being attacked with nuclear weapons that removes any hope China has of sustaining minimal casualties. The U.S. has to have a strategic nuclear response that will guarantee that even with a greatly diminish retaliatory strike capacity, 900,000,000 Chinese dead can be guaranteed.

HEMP attacks followed by strikes against damns, flood control systems, power stations, airports, seaports, and train lines would provide means to guarantee that no matter how effective a first or second strike against U.S. nuclear forces, the U.S. would be able to deliver a lethal blow to China.

How? By focusing on striking China with multiple EMP attacks. A series of HEMP attacks spread over a couple of weeks would devastate China.

The effects of well-designed EMP attacks would shut down China’s high-speed trains, which depend on electricity and sophisticated signal and control systems. Train and traffic signals would cease to function. Air traffic control systems would fail. Every village and city in China would lose its smart control systems. 60% of China’s population living in cities is dependent on a functioning infrastructure that requires electricity, electronics, computers.

Telecommunication and the electrical grid would be down for months. Electronic control systems regulating most of China’s infrastructure would eventually fail. Replacements to repair systems damaged by an EMP attack will eventually run out. Cell towers and cell phones would be damaged and after repeated HEMP become unreliable.

Imagine 1.3 billion Chinese citizens and government use to instant communications to anyone anywhere in the country, losing access not being able to call or text messages to anyone or access the internet within a few weeks.

The elderly and young in high rise apartments would have no running water, food, heat, electricity, phones, internet access, or running elevators would not live long in those vertical death traps.

China would not be able to feed its 1.3 billion people without a smooth running food transport and delivery system. Hundreds of millions would die. China would lose its children and elderly. Cities would become mass graves infected with disease and the stench of rotting corpses and the backed-up sewage of the living.

Even though U.S. carriers are easily to sink, Chinese cargo ships are even easier to send to the oceans bottom. U.S. attack submarines, frigates, destroyers, and land based aircraft would have time to devastate Chinese shipping, which would further worsen fuel and food woes. Coastal cities like Shanghai and Tianjin would not find alternate food supplies.

What nuclear forces left in the U.S. arsenal would be sufficient to take out China’s power plant, damns, flood control systems, and critical rail and road bridges to ensure hundreds of millions of Chinese would die fro., starvation, disease, and physical hardships.

Imagine what would happen to the elderly and the young Chinese in a nuclear war. Over 1/2 would be trapped in tall buildings with no working elevators, phones that no longer work, no water for working toilets or to drink, dark hallways, and stairways to navigate, no heat or cooling. In short, a nuclear means lots of dead children and the elderly.

For most of the 1.3 billion Chinese requiring food, medicine, fuel, electricity, communications, the odds of staying alive, the first year would be low.

The outcome of this brief but devastating exchange of nuclear weaponry would be a weakened central government surrounded by hostile countries on all sides eager to annex sections of China.

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